By submitting this application, I understand that Polk County Schools reserves the right to determine the Wolverine Academy is not the best fit for a student, due to certain circumstances. I understand that the Wolverine Academy will be responsible for my course grade and that all grades earned virtually will appear on my official school record for all grade levels.

Student: I affirm that I will complete assignments, projects, and tests without the assistance of another unless permitted by my online instructor. I will demonstrate academic integrity in my work. I will avoid plagiarism, honor copyrights, and cite sources when required.

Parent/Guardian: I affirm that I will support my child in the Wolverine Academy. I, or another responsible adult, is available to serve as a Learning Partner for the hours suggested above. I understand that my child could face disciplinary consequences or be removed from the Wolverine Academy, if he/she fails to follow school conduct policies or is an inactive learner.

By pressing START APPLICATION, I acknowledge that I am this student’s Legal Guardian. I also understand and agree with all of the above statements related to the Wolverine Academy.



Wolverine Academy