Elementary School Courses

Edmentum’s Calvert Learning engage and excite young minds and lay critical academic foundations for North Carolina elementary school students. The curriculum is an all-inclusive curriculum of Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, PE, Health, and Art.

The curriculum’s mastery-based approach lets students go as fast or slow as they need to before moving on to new concepts where recurring themes build on the previous lesson’s teaching. Grade-appropriate, hands-on education materials* complement the online lessons so your child can have plenty of quality learning time away from the computer.

Support for North Carolina Elementary School Students

Polk County teachers will provides instruction in regular live, online sessions. Plus, as the Learning Partner you or another responsible adult you select plays a meaningful part in your child’s education by offering support for 2 to 3 hours per day.

Student Responsibility

Students should plan to commit time per class each week. Refer to the chart below for guidance on time management. It is critical for students to maintain the pace set by their teacher and to turn in work for every class each week. Also, students must maintain contact with their teachers.  The Academic Integrity Policy forbids plagiarism. Violating this policy may result in a student’s removal from the Wolverine Academy.

GradeInstructional Time (with Learning Partner)Supervised Independent Work Time
K-52 hours daily1 hour daily
6-81 hours daily2.5 hours daily
9-12Less than one hour daily3 hours daily

            *Course materials vary by course. Please check with us about offline course materials.